The Church of Nature

The Church of Nature will offer three activities designed to  connecting you more deeply to yourself and to Nature. 

Labyrinth – Meander through a hand drawn a labyrinth, finding words of encouragement and reflection along the way. Walking a labyrinth is an ancient tool used to connect to the earth and offer a time and space to reflect.  The labyrinth will be open from 10AM through the close of the Faire. 

The Constellation Project – Join a discussion on why we create stories in the night skies. Then answer the question ‘If I were a constellation I would be…’ Using black construction paper and a total of 15 silver dots, map out your own constellation. The Church of Nature will use all the constellations to create a constellation map of the Maker Faire community. Participants will receive a photo of the finished project.

Flower Power: The Seed Ball Project – Come get your hands dirty and make seed balls. Seed balls are the ultimate in surprise gardening. The clay and dirt protect the seeds, letting you thoughtfully launch them in places where a little brightness is needed.  Seeds are Native Northeast Wild Flowers both annual and perennial. Great for seeding areas that are hard to reach in your own yard, or for throwing into abandoned lots.  These seeds are neonic free making them a safe source of food for our pollinator friends.



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