It’s Show Time at 10am!

Come to Maker Faire to see over 60 attractions and exhibits. Below are some specially timed happenings.

Performance Space Attractions (Zone 3)
11            Fostering a Maker Culture by Sean Swehla, Squidwrench
12            Native American Hoop Dancing Workshop by Charlie Burns-Bahruth, PDS
1               Personal 3D Printing: Status Report by Ed Nisley,Squidwrench
2               Native American Hoop Dancing Workshop, by Charlie Burns-Bahruth, PDS
3:30        Elephant Toothpaste Demonstration

Workshops (Zone 2)
11 & 2     STEAM Workshop: Superhero Creature Project (one hour)
12 & 3    Elmendorph Handspinners (30 minutes)

“Lama Glama” Photo Shoot (Zone 3)
Ever dreamed of having your picture taken with a Llama or Alpaca in Times Square or Machu Picchu? Now is your chance! Sign up to pose with your new best furry friends in Zone 3.Outside Activities (Zone 4)
Paper Rocket Launches every hour between 11am and 3pm
Radio Controlled Airplane flight demos at 10:45, 12:45, 2:45 (wind permitting)

Hourly Maker Parades featuring surprise guests starting at 11am!


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