There will be Elephant Tooth paste at Maker Faire!

Who doesn’t love a good science experiment with explosive reactions? From baking soda and vinegar volcano’s to the Coke and Mentos experiment, there is nothing more fun than an experiment that makes an exciting mess. Which is why we are excited to announce that there will be Elephant Toothpaste at our Maker Faire.


Never heard of Elephant Toothpaste? It’s just foam created from a chemical reaction made by combining hydrogen peroxide, yeast, warm water, food coloring and dish soap. The reaction is caused by yeast acting as catalyst in removing oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide. This then creates tons of tiny bubbles which in turn creates the foam. When all of these ingredients are placed in a container, the foam comes out in a geyser like effect. The name comes from the foam looking like giant toothpaste coming out of a tube. It has become an extremely popular experiment in the past few months. It’s even been featured on Jimmy Kimmel live with Science Bob.

A group of Poughkeepsie Day school students will be performing this experiment as an exhibit at our Mini Maker Faire. Interested in seeing elephant toothpaste created live? Head over to our attend page and purchase your tickets today!


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