Meet Our Makers! David Held and the Neopixel Bike

We have another maker joining our ranks! David Held a teacher at Poughkeepsie Day School will be exhibiting the Neopixel or light bike at our Maker Fair.

The Neopixel bike is where science meets art. With David Held’s guidance, a few high school students at Poughkeepsie Day School are working on a Neopixel bike of their own. How it works is fairly simple. The bike is installed on a trainer and has a strip of 36 tricolored LEDs which can be individually programmed. Once the hardware is assembled and tested, the students write software to create patterns. There was a test run when the battery flew off and almost beaned a teacher. But other than that the project has been fairly successful.  Software is under development to try different patterns.

Check out the following link to see a sample of the Neopixel bike in action.

We are very excited to see the Neopixel bikes in action on November 15th! If you want to see the bikes in person tickets for the Fair are on sale now. Want to join Held as a maker? Go to our Call for Makers Page and apply. Applications are being accepted now through October 3rd.


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