Thank You to Everyone Who Made the Poughkeepsie Mini Maker Faire a Success!

It was so much fun that it was difficult to tell just how hard we were working! So many individuals put a great deal of work and heart into making this event happen. Thank you Teresa, Sean and all of the creative folks at Squidwrench for working so closely with us to pull this off. Thank you to Vassar College and Arts Mid-Hudson for doing such an incredible job spreading the word about PMMF. Thank you to DigitalOcean and Hudson Valley 3D for sponsoring the event and helping us provide more visibility and resources for Makers.

And, thank you to all of the Makers that shared their passion, creativity and joy of learning with our amazing attendees.

There is absolutely nothing cooler than having potters, 3D printer enthusiasts, llamas, robots, painters, drones, firefighters, solderers, LED bikers, circus troupes, weavers, soft circuit superheroes, DJs, human butterflies all in one room…in harmony.

We can’t wait to do it again next year! Surveys have been sent to all attendees, Makers and vendors that provided us with email addresses. If you didn’t receive one, here are links to the attendee and Maker/vendor surveys.

Beautiful Public Art Piece Led By Nestor Madalengoita

It’s Show Time at 10am!

Come to Maker Faire to see over 60 attractions and exhibits. Below are some specially timed happenings.

Performance Space Attractions (Zone 3)
11            Fostering a Maker Culture by Sean Swehla, Squidwrench
12            Native American Hoop Dancing Workshop by Charlie Burns-Bahruth, PDS
1               Personal 3D Printing: Status Report by Ed Nisley,Squidwrench
2               Native American Hoop Dancing Workshop, by Charlie Burns-Bahruth, PDS
3:30        Elephant Toothpaste Demonstration

Workshops (Zone 2)
11 & 2     STEAM Workshop: Superhero Creature Project (one hour)
12 & 3    Elmendorph Handspinners (30 minutes)

“Lama Glama” Photo Shoot (Zone 3)
Ever dreamed of having your picture taken with a Llama or Alpaca in Times Square or Machu Picchu? Now is your chance! Sign up to pose with your new best furry friends in Zone 3.Outside Activities (Zone 4)
Paper Rocket Launches every hour between 11am and 3pm
Radio Controlled Airplane flight demos at 10:45, 12:45, 2:45 (wind permitting)

Hourly Maker Parades featuring surprise guests starting at 11am!

Fantastic Lineup of Makers on November 15!

Take a look at our current list of Makers, Vendors and Workshops here. There is truly something for everyone at the first annual Poughkeepsie Mini Maker Faire.

For children ages five and under there will be a mini maker’s area where kids can unleash their imaginations by building with cardboard “Bloxes” and playing amongst giant blue foam blocks of all shapes and sizes in the Imagination Playground installation provided by Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum. Older children and adults will have lots to do and experience including a flying drone obstacle course, 3D printing, virtual reality exhibits and even workshops on topics ranging from beekeeping, food canning, to making art from invasive species and Native American Hoop Dancing. Vassar College’s Barefoot Monkeys circus troop will be performing throughout the day and everyone will have an opportunity to pet and have their picture taken with llamas, goats and Alpaca and collaborate in sewing a community blanket and paint a mural led by visual artist Nestor Madalengoitia.


Poughkeepsie Mini Maker Faire presents: Food Trucks!

Along with our exciting line up of makers, vendors and attractions we are excited to announce that a small fleet of food trucks will offer a variety of unique and delicious meal items. Here is a sneak preview:

Yum Yum Truck


Based of their noodle bars located in Woodstock and Kingston, the Yum Yum truck offers a variety of Asian inspired dishes.

Truck Pizza


Enjoy the taste of a brick oven pizza from the convenience of a food truck. Using fresh ingredients and authentic technique, Truck Pizza offers a delectable dinning experience.

Soul Dog


Known as a gluten free oasis, Soul Dog will be serve gluten free alternatives as well as regular food options.

Forget Me Not Cupcake Truck


Forget Me Not Cupcakes is a cupcake Bakery on the go. With unique cupcake styles and flavors, this truck is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

We are excited to see and taste what each of these truck has in store for our Mini Maker faire. Interested in any sampling what these trucks have to offer? Head over to the attend page and purchase your tickets today!

Take control of your food, come learn canning at Maker Faire!

Have you ever thought about learning the art of canning? Its surprisingly easy with the right instructions and is an extremely useful skill. From keeping summer peaches through winter to storing meats canning is something everyone can use. The Shawangunk Country Canners will be at the Poughkeepsie Mini Maker Faire to exhibit how canning is done.

Run by Susan Loxley-Friedle, this group is dedicated to teaching people the art of canning at home. Along with lessons the Shawangunk Country Canners will be giving out recipes and samples of their work including canned fruits, veggies and jams. If you have ever wanted to learn canning the coming to our maker faire is the perfect opportunity. Head over to our attend page – tickets are on sale now!

There will be Elephant Tooth paste at Maker Faire!

Who doesn’t love a good science experiment with explosive reactions? From baking soda and vinegar volcano’s to the Coke and Mentos experiment, there is nothing more fun than an experiment that makes an exciting mess. Which is why we are excited to announce that there will be Elephant Toothpaste at our Maker Faire.


Never heard of Elephant Toothpaste? It’s just foam created from a chemical reaction made by combining hydrogen peroxide, yeast, warm water, food coloring and dish soap. The reaction is caused by yeast acting as catalyst in removing oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide. This then creates tons of tiny bubbles which in turn creates the foam. When all of these ingredients are placed in a container, the foam comes out in a geyser like effect. The name comes from the foam looking like giant toothpaste coming out of a tube. It has become an extremely popular experiment in the past few months. It’s even been featured on Jimmy Kimmel live with Science Bob.

A group of Poughkeepsie Day school students will be performing this experiment as an exhibit at our Mini Maker Faire. Interested in seeing elephant toothpaste created live? Head over to our attend page and purchase your tickets today!

Poughkeepsie Maker Faire is settling off rockets!

Time is flying and makers are coming  in from all over. Our latest makers, The Hurley Young Maker Club are bringing rockets to our line up of exhibits! The Hurley Young Maker Club is a part of the Maker Faire education initiative. Through this initiative youths ages 8 through 18 have the opportunity to hone their potential skills as makers.


The Hurley Young Maker club is directed by Jeff Parker. They will bring a wide variety of projects they have been working on over the past few months. But one of their main attractions will be their hand made rockets. Created from just paper and tape these rockets have the potential to soar over tree tops! We look forward seeing these creation fly. If your interested in watching these rockets launch head over to our attend page. Tickets are on sale now!

Idea of the Day: Why Not Bike to the Faire?

PKNYBikeLogoFolks who ride a bicycle to and from the Poughkeepsie Mini Maker Faire on November 15 are eligible for a 20% discount on entrance tickets, free valet parking AND a free chain degrease and lube (with all-natural products) – thanks to sponsorship by Poughkeepsie Bicycle Advocates, a group dedicated to promoting the use of bicycles as transportation around the city of Poughkeepsie! Email us at before you register so that we can set you up with a discount code. These perks are available to early bird and advance ticket holders only, so contact us soon!

PKNYBikePicture  PKNYBikePic2

Llama Karma is Coming to Maker Faire!

Nike packing
Makers of all varieties will be exhibited at the Poughkeepsie Mini Maker Faire. From hackers to farmers, we believe everyone has the potential to be a maker. We are excited to announce that Clover Brook Farm, also known as Llama Karma, will being joining our line-up of agricultural makers at the the fair. This family run farm will will bring goats, alpacas and llamas to the PDS campus for a hands on exhibit. Children of all ages can enjoy the interactive experience of getting up close and personal with theses animals. Interested in petting an alpaca, walking a llama or learning about wool and fiber? Head over to our attend page. Tickets are on sale now!

picking appels